Hello, it’s still me, Blake. The guy who makes films and appear in them, as well as take photos when feeling creative in the static world.

I thought it was time to update my website, it was getting old and not that interesting to look at. With this new website, I’ve decided to keep it like a blog style. I will update on here when I have something exciting to share, this can be a new film or even just a random thought.

My production company Ridder Films is still staying the same to continue its production business. While this site is a little bit more personal.

The world we live in right now is facing a lot of challenges and changes. As a creative person, we all need to learn to adapt and find ourselves a slightly different path to the one we used to. For a lot of us, this isn’t easy. So I hope this website will bring people some inspirations and encouragement in the art of filmmaking and acting.

Stay tuned for some exciting stuff coming your way.